Appealing Social Security Disability Claim Denials

Have you applied for Social Security disability but your claim was denied? Do not give up. The truth is, the majority of applications for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are denied at first. While the qualifications for Social Security disability are strict, it is extremely common for people to be turned down even though they fully qualify.

After more than 25 years as a lawyer handling Social Security disability claims and appeals in the Rochester/Finger Lakes area of New York, I know how frustrating it is to have your claim denied, and I can help. Call my Canandaigua office at 585-337-0479 or use my contact form to schedule an initial consultation about your next steps.

How The Social Security Disability Appeals Process Works

If your application for Social Security disability is denied, the Social Security Administration will notify you. The first step is to ask New York’s Division of Disability Determinations for a reconsideration of your file by someone who wasn’t involved in the original decision. We can also add new evidence of your claim at this time.

Should your claim still be denied after reconsideration, we can request a hearing with an administrative law judge – a special type of judge trained to handle Social Security disability appeals. We will attend that hearing together, and we may present witnesses like your doctor or an occupational consultant.

There is yet another level of appeal after the hearing: The Social Security Disability Appeals Council. Even after that, you still have the right to appeal your Social Security disability case through the federal courts.

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Appealing a denied Social Security disability claim may seem daunting, but there is no cause for worry. As a solo-practice attorney, I will work directly with you and make sure you understand what is happening at every step. To discuss your situation with me, schedule an initial consultation by phone at 585-337-0479 or contact my office by email.